Genius Hour #2

  • What topic did you research in Genius Hour?

The evolution of transportation at a fast rate, in other words Hyper-loops. This new way of technology is changing how people are going to be able to transport from one place to another at an extremely fast rate without much stress to the person traveling.

  • Why did you choose it?

Because I was very interested on how technology is able to advance at a fast rate, and how everything nowadays is based on technology i wanted to look more into it. Also that i learned how technology was so important and how everything is being advanced, to become something great for us(humans). So then i wanted to look into hyper-loops, an idea that was reintroduced by Elon Musk, and gave the idea away to anyone interested. This is because he was interested in how people where ready to take on this challange and wanted to see how far people would take this challenge and do it.

  • What did you learn?

I learned that hyper-loops are way more efficient then i thought they where, because they are going to change how transportation is brought to reality. I also learned that hyper-loops when completed are going to to have a more simple process then airports and planes. This is because the person would simply do what they would do at a train station , which is to buy a ticket and wait for there train(hyper-loop in this case). And this would more more efficient because the person would not have to go to the airport and deal with passports and all the other complications

  • How did that help you grow as a person?

It helped me realize how important technology can really be helpful, and it also helped me grow as a person because it helped me realize that these new ways of helping people is what the world it going to need to-advance more and more to becoming something greater then it already is. Another reason why this has helped me grow as a person because this is an interesting topic that makes me want to look more into technology advancements and how they can be beneficial to everyone.

  • How did what you learn help (the world, community, yourself, animals, etc.) in some way? Explain.

This helps the world because this can evolutions how people travel far Distance at a long period of time. Also i figured that traveling a .far distance in the world is always difficult with airports boarding flights and everything, which can make peoples lifes harder then it might already be, but with hyper-loops this will be able to change the fact that in addition to fast travel, make the whole traveling process more simple and more efficient saving not only money, but as-well time.

  • How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain.

This can because with this technology, people want have to be as stressed to go to the airport and deal with a long wait and a whole process to go where they want, but with this technology this can change the way that people are being transported.

Twitter Expert Connect 3

I Have followed people that had back-round information on science, and in particular Nanotechnology. This is because i am interested on nanotechnology and how it is going to be extremely beneficial in the future. The people i followed relate to my genius hour project because by using new technology, we are able to do things that seem extremely futuristic. And from these people, i ask if they have any information in nano technology, and how it is so powerful, i asked my questions by asking them for articles and there opinions on nanotechnology. This can help me because this can help me explain how technology is advancing at a rapid rate

Reflection on the process:
— What results did you get?

Articles and responses
— Did they respond to your question?

— Did they follow you back?

— Did they offer more assistance?

— Did you continue the conversation with them?

— How might you use this process in the future in school?

It can because this can help me ask professional professors or people online for educational purposes have the ability and skill to ask them questions

Genius Hour Project

What topic did you research in Genius Hour?

For my genius hour project I choose the topic of solar energy and the benefits of using solar energy and how it can help save our environment and even money.

Why did you choose it?

I choose it because I was interested in how solar energy was so effective and could be very helpful.

What was your Research Question?

My research question was how can solar energy help us all.

What did you learn?

I learned that solar energy is extremely effective and saves lot of money, and its a very strong and powerful invention.

How did that help you grow as a person or a student?

It did because me more of an idea on solar energy, so later in the future if I ever look into solar energy I already have background information and information on this topic.

How did what you learn help (the world, community, animals, etc.) in some way? Explain.

This would/could/is helping the world because this creates energy directly from our everyday light source, and helps us save energy.

How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain

IT will help me realize that I should choose something effective like the topic I choose.


A place where all kids have to go to. Its a place where teachers get to assign tons of homework daily. But in the end it helps. It helps people learn, we get to know things that will help us during our lives. Even though we might learn some things here and there that we will probably never use in our lives, its still there to help us in any situation that we might have to go through in life. This also affects our jobs. School teaches us what we need to know so we can get good jobs and make lots of money, and do great things in the future. So overall, even though there is a lot of stress when it comes to school, its just preparing us for the future.

The Amazing Fort

Long long ago, not really, its been three years. I made a fort with a couple blankets, a lamp, some paper clips, and have created what I called as a kid “The Man Fort”. It had My computer, water bottle, and sense it was on the side of my room, it had a outlet, so I can charge my stuff and I could have a lamp for when it gets dark. Making this was to be honest a great deal. This gave me the opportunity to be able to try to create something, where there where no rules, and I could do anything. It was a great time, until we had guests over… My mom and my sisters of course knew about it, and they know that sooner or later I would have to take it down.

Two days before the guests arrive…”Djibril, you do know you have to take down the ma-” “SHUT UPPPPPP” I yelled. “its true, you have to take it down, we are having guests in a few days and the man fort has  to go”. I walk up stairs, feeling so angry, that my amazing creation, would have to be destroyed. Taking this fort apart was like burning a pair of brand new yeezys. It was painful.

But then, had an idea, after the guests would leave. I would create an even bigger, and better fort. But, when I tried, I failed and gave up knowing that, one day, I will have my Fort, and no one will tell me what to do with it.

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The Quad Squad #HowDidISurvive

Waking up on a Saturday after a long week of school drains your energy already, but nothing could stop the hype of Oumars Birthday party. As I pack my bag(speakers, extra shirt, sunglasses, wallet I don’t know why though I didn’t have money on me), I realize that I needed to change my shoes and pants(during quad driving, the engine heat comes out from the right side of your leg, so it will burn if you didn’t have anything to protect your leg). As Tahiry and Oumar arrive, they meet both my dad and mom n the living room, and of course, my mom started to embarrass me to the point where I just went to Oumars car and just wait there. As we try to figure out where Joaquin lives, but after 15 minutes of searching we found him, next up Christian. At least this time we  knew where his house was. As Christian is seen at the round point, he hopes on the side of the car and we keep going to his house( where crazy people). Next up, Sam. We had to wait at least 30 minutes for this guy to get to the airport around point(car A.C wasn’t working, so it was burning hot). As soon as he gets in the car, we make our way to Lac Rose. As we get there, we eat(probably one of the best chicken we all had) spicy chicken, 10 minutes gone by, and we start getting on the quads. Since it WAS Oumars birthday party, he got to ride “THE RAPTOR”(the fastest quad out of all of ours). we each get a driving partner, Nate and me, Izzy and sam, third and I forgot who(I have terrible memory sorry). SWITCH TIME!!! My first time riding a quad felt  weird, but I wasn’t doing bad for my first time. Nate and I decided to try to stay in “First place” in the “Race”, while really if Oumar wanted to, he could bypass all of us in seconds. We get to what I like to call sand land. Alfou decides to try drifting but then the instructor starts to yell at him (Was hilarious). Next stop, The beach! we get to the beach, take pictures rest and get water(Cause quad driving is SO tiring am I right) We get on quads, but the thing is, we changed partners. Chris and I toke the weird quad. As we start going, the quad starts to have problems. we get back to part two of sandy land, Christian tried stopping by doing a drift, but the bad thing about that was that it was on the sand! The sand held the well, making the quad flipping sideways almost landing on me and Chris. We end up being ok other then our legs were hurting a bit, but we wouldn’t die. We continue going in the touring car and went back to where we started. Next activity! Boat…. these people kept on trying to flip the boat over, we all started screaming like little girls but as soon as we got back, I wanted to push someone in the water so badly. NEXT, camel riding. The scariest and weirdest thing I’ve ever done. The camel instructor was going so fast, while no one was tied  to the seat, meaning I almost fell off which would mean I could’ve gotten stomped by 4 giant running camels(the world hates me, I really done know why), but as Nate went, poop got on his shoes(hit camels but) and the camel behind him started to numb on his shorts. Later on, we get back in the car, and Oumars driver drops us one by one at our houses. So when i got back inside of my room, i sat and realized how awesome the party was, but how crazy it was as well. And by the way, what happens IN the car, STAYS in the car


What I want to learn/ do in tech is that I want to learn how to program different things such as in robots and other tech devices. I also want to be able to ake new things using the 3d printer as in  phone case and more.  My goals are that I always try my best to understand what’s going on, and participate fully so then I may get a good grade for this class this trimester.

Music Class

This class I felt like were prepared, and that we came in with a good attitude and ready to play. We also were able to practice a bit of the other song we are doing(sucker for pain, from the suicide squad album, but we are going to change this song for a Bruno Mars song due to the song not being ‘Appropriate’ to school conditions). Next class, I want to try to learn our new song for jaguars so we can be performance ready.


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